The Facility

RunSpot understands mission-critical applications.
Our redundant infrastructure allows 24/7 access to these applications.

RunSpot's Data Center includes the following features:

  • Dedicated connection to the Internet backbone
  • Three OC12 connections from 3 different telcos
  • Dual electrical feeds
  • Dual back-up generators
  • Dual uninterrupted power supplies
  • Fire suppression system
  • 24x365 monitoring support
  • Pass code entrance
  • Video surveillance
  • Dual air conditioning and humidity control

High Speed Network

RunSpot is connected to the Internet by one OC-3 and two DS-3 links which are carried over two different OC-12 fiber optic SONET networks. Also in place, a backup copper connection to Sprint in case of catastrophic SONET failure. RunSpot's network is connected to three peering points on the Internet, allowing for a high degree of redundancy and routing flexibility.


RunSpot's data center facilities are powered by two separate Xcel Energy grids and equipped with multiple 75 KVA full time inline UPS equipment. In addition, a natural gas generator and 250 KVA Diesel generator are located onsite in the event of a sustained electrical outage. A mobile power source for generator redundancy is avaialble for generator backup.

All of RunSpot's servers utilizes a Raid 5 hard-drive backup, multiple processors and daily backups. Backup up servers and components are readily available in case of major failure.

On Site Monitoring

Available 24/7 365 days a year are techinical staff members to monitor and react to network, computer or service outages.


Physical access to the data center is controlled via a locked pass code entrance. All data center equipment is stored within secure rack mount enclosures. The data center and adjoining areas are under 24 hour video surveillance.

To prevent unauthorized network access, RunSpot utilizes a combination of technical platforms to counter attack methods of compromising. Technologies include Cisco firewalls, Firewalls are utilized to restrict access to the network and filters have been added to the routers and the switches. IP restrictions and username/password authentication are utilized where appropriate.