RunMail Windows 10 Setup

1. Click the Windows Start button and then click the Mail tile.  If the "Mail" tile does not appear you can type "Mail" in the "Search the Web and Windows" field to find it.

2. If this is the first time that you've run the Mail software, you'll see this message.  Click the "Get started" button.
NOTE: If you have already run "Mail" skip down to Step #2a.

3. Click the "Add account" button.
NOTE: if you see this screen skip down to step #4 after you click "Add account".

 2a. If you have run Mail before, you do not get the welcome screens with "Get started" button.  You'll start right off with the "Mail" application.  Click the gear for the settings options.

2b. Click the "Accounts" option.

2c. Click "Add account button.

4. Use the scroll bar to the right (it does not appear unless you hover your mouse over it!) to scroll down to the bottom.  Then click the "Advanced setup" option.

5. Click the "Internet email" option.

6. Fill out the first part of the form like this screen shot.

7. Use the scroll bar on the right hand side (it only appears when the mouse hovers over it) to scroll down to more fields.  Fill out these fields using this screen shot.

8. Use the scroll bar to scroll to the bottom of the form to see these last options.  Click the "Sign-in" button to check the account.

9. If everything was entered properly you'll get this success message.  Click the "Done" button to finish.

10. Optional.  You may see this screen.  Click the "Ready to go" button to open Mail.