RunMail Mailing Lists

RunMail Mailing Lists are useful tools that allow a domain administrator to easily communicate with their customers.

The instructions provided in this guide will show you how to create a mailing list for announcements.  Announcements would be for one-way communications to a group of email addresses.  This type of email mailing list is preferred to sending groups of emails to your customers.  It is much easier for communications because you can send one email to the list email address and all of the subscribers (could be hundreds, thousands of customers) will get that email.  Mailing Lists also allow your customers to unsubscribe.

You have to be a domain mail administrator in order to set up a Mailing List.

Step by step instructions to set up a one-way Mailing List:

1. Log into RunMail >Settings > Domain Settings > Mailing Lists > Mailing Lists

RunMail Mailing Lists Step 1

2.Set up the Mailing List

RunMail Mailing List Step 2

 3. Double click the new Mailing List and set the Mailing List options:

RunMail Mailing Lists Step 3

4. Set the Mailing List System Messages:

 RunMail Mailing List Step 4

In Step 2 above (footer message) paste in the following phrase:

Reply to this email with UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject to unsubscribe from this mailing list.

5. Add Subscribers to the Mailing List, Double click on the new Mailing List, then follow these instructions.

NOTE: If you have multiple Mailing Lists, this is the best path to edit the subscribers for a specific list.

RunMail Mailing Lists Step 5

 6. Add the subscriber email addresses to the Mailing List using these options.  It is HIGHLY recommended that you create a small list of subscribers that contains just a few email addresses to test with first.  Once you are certain that everything is working add your complete subscriber list.

RunMail Mailing List Step 6

7. Test the list.  In the example above, the Mailing List is named "Customer".  The associated email address for the list would be where is your domain.

The Mailing List is now set up and can be used.

NOTE: The Upload feature has specific instructions that need to be followed in order to work.  Please use the link below to get more information.

The Upload feature can be strict.  It is required that the first line in your CSV file be "EmailAddress".  It can also fail if you have blank lines in the file (blank lines are often put at the end of the file when you use Excel.  If you create the CSV file from Excel, save the file as "CSV (MS-DOS) (*.csv)".


Example Mailing List emails

1. This is a sample email that is getting sent to my test list:

RunMail Mailing List - Sample Email

2. This is how the email looks to a subscriber:

RunMail Mailing List - Sample subscriber email