RunMail: RunSpot's Email Messaging Service

RunSpot's Email Service provides you with reliable, affordable, and easy-to-use messaging solutions. An Email Service that contains all of the latest features and safeguards you need, without complications or compromises.

RunMail Features

  • Free Email Accounts: Up to 15 free email accounts included with our Managed package.
  • Unlimited Emails: No limit on the amount of emails you can send or receive.
  • Account Administration: The Account Administrator makes e-mail management so easy that even a novice can perform account maintenance and other common administrative tasks. You can change passwords, add/delete email accounts and many other tasks. You control your domains emails and email accounts. Each user can also manage how their emails are handled at the server level.
  • Web Messaging: Users may read and send e-mail from any Web browser while enjoying their favorite desktop e-mail features like spell-check, address book, folders, and multiple attachments. As more Web terminals are made available for public use at airports, hotels, conference centers, trade shows, and other public places, the ability to check one's e-mail via the Web becomes a tremendous convenience.
  • Mail Forwarding: You can have RunMail Server forward new mail for a particular user to another address.
  • Automated Responses: This feature lets you set up an automated response. When mail is received for a user that has enabled the Auto Response, a prepared message is automatically sent back to the sender.
  • Vacation Support: Inform them when you are out of the office with an automatic email response. If a user cannot answer mail due to vacation or other absence, RunMail Server can automatically send one notice to each person who sends mail to that user. This allows people to send many messages to someone on vacation without being flooded with notices that the recipient is away.
  • Anti-SPAM Features:RunBlock anti-spam product that will automatically catch most of the spam sent to your email account, while making false positives nearly non-existent? You decide the level of protection desired and how the suspected email is handled. RunMail Server will catch those emails before they arrive at your computer saving you time and bandwidth.
  • Anti Virus: RunBlock server scans both incoming and outgoing emails, and other files by automatically removing viruses, worms, and Trojan horses. Keeping your PC protected.
  • IMAP: With more and more users finding they need access to their mail from multiple computers, IMAP4 (Internet Message Access Protocol) is rapidly becoming a mandatory feature for Internet-standards-based mail servers. By incorporating IMAP4, RunMail Server provides mail users with the added flexibility of being able to access and manipulate their mail folders - anytime, anywhere using their favorite email program like Outlook. Now, whether in the office, at home, or on the road, mail users can refer to messages in all of their folders regardless of when or where they were originally read or saved. This translates to increased efficiency for those working from a "virtual office.".
  • Web Calendar: A Web-based calendar allows users to keep and store multiple schedules, appointments, task lists, and date reminder information accessible through an intuitive and user-friendly Web interface to increase user efficiency. Email invitations, schedule reminders, lookup events and access remotely.
  • Mailing List Creation and Maintenance: RunMail Server can create and maintain list-server (automated) mailing lists; these can be either public or private. When a list-server mailing list receives mail, it re-sends the mail to all subscribers on the list; re-sent mail can be sent one message at a time, or it can be accumulated for periodic sending ("digest mode"). Users can subscribe and unsubscribe at will.
  • Mail Delivery Rules: You can create delivery rules to search for particular text patterns in the content of a particular part of a message (To, From, Sender, Subject, entire header, or message body) and re-route the message based on the contents.  Some circumstances in which delivery rules are useful are:
    • An inbound delivery rule for a host. A school administrator can set up a delivery rule that scans all mail for offensive language and delivers such messages to a special user account that can be reviewed by a faculty member.
    • An outbound delivery rule for a host. A school administrator can set up an outbound delivery rule that will scan for offensive language or content in mail messages that are being sent out through RunMail Server by local users.
    • An inbound delivery rule for an individual user. You could set up a rule for a sporting goods salesman to have all messages with baseball, softball, bat, base, homerun, or cap in the Subject automatically placed in his or her mailbox named baseball.