Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I find an example of the RunContent system in action?

To view our RunContent system, please go to our sister site  If you have interest in seeing the administration utlity behind the system, please click here to contact us to request a login and password.


I have setup my Outlook/Outlook Express account but can not retrieve or log into the RunMail server?
My email program is retrieving email properly, but will not send email?
The most common error when setting up a RunMail email account is to remember to use the full email address ( when entering the user login. Double check that you have the incoming server set to "" and the correct password is being used.
You can verify your login information by going to using the full email address and password supplied.
The RunMail server in order to reduce spam requires that your email program "authenticate" who you are.  In your email account settings, make sure the "Outgoing Server Requires Authentification" is checked.
If you are still unable to send email, set the outgoing mail port to 587.