Add video to a page

 1. Select the video that you want to embed in your RunContent web site on the web site.

 2. Click the [Share] link below the video.

youtube - click share

3. Click the [Embed] link below the [Share] link.

youtube - click embed

4. Copy the iframe tag from the box.

youtube - copy iframe html

5. Open the page in RunAdmin that you want to embed the video into.

6. Click on the [Editing Content] section.

youtube - edit content

7. You can use a table or other formatting tools to create a small window for the video to be displayed.  You can put in a place holder in the page content so it is easier to find the location in the source.

youtube - create place holder

8. Click the [Source] button in the page content editor.

youtube - click source

9. You will now see the HTML code that is used to format and display the page.  Search for the place holder that you put in the page.

youtube - highlight place holder

10. Highlight the place holder and then paste in the YouTube that you copied from step #4.  The place holder will be replaced.

youtube - pasted html

11. Click the [Update] button.

youtube - finished